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The Isles of Cohtaya
In the greater ocean far to the southeast there is a large island called by the ancients as Cohtaya. Rich with life and magic. It is the hub of civilization for the people who have settled here. Kingdoms of men have appeared along side the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and others. At the northern shores you will find stone cliffs that meet the sea in spray of white foam. At the south side there are beaches with busy with dock workers off loading cargo. Roads have been built connecting all the major cities together. In between there are vast wildernesses of all kinds.

Over the ages the wilds and woods of Cohtaya have become a place of power. Those who feel the magic in the earth, the air, and trees know what flows beneath it all. Powerful lines of energy, like the life blood of the earth itself, flow through here. From this it is believed that the first mages emerged. Though there is much beauty here there is also a darkness.

Monsters have been a part of the lands since the beginning. Though they are few in number they still exist. Creatures born of dark intentions will some times attack the cities or villages. Those who rise to combat them are heralded as heroes of their age. Stories often, even now, are told of great men and women who have done incredible things for the sake of their peoples. Some heroes have grown so far in their legends that they traverse beyond the borders of human lands.

Humans span most the landscape holding their ground in large city capitals. Within the wilds you can find the kingdoms of Elves who've become part of the land itself. They watch humans grow from behind the shade of trees never quite sure what to fully believe about them. Dwarves hunker down in their mountains mining ores and precious metals. Their ways are mysterious as they rarely come to the surface to venture beyond their own lands. Gnomes, Halfings, and their smaller kin are always speckled within human cities where you will find the most excitement. Their lives are that of interest and curiosity. Even with all the differences in culture and race there has been a lasting peace.


Recent History
Over a 1,000 years have passed under rule of civilized races. Centuries have gone by with no war. The year is 677 in the Age of Great Peace. Only recently there has been doubt whether the peace will last.

10 years before present day a strange flux of storms appeared so abundant and so fierce many died from it. Nothing has been the same since those long 3 days. Many homeless and suffering people were forced to wander the land seeking aid. The reigning monarchs did what they could to preserve what remained of damaged cities and villages once the terrible storms ended. Much work remains even decade later. Most of the remnant damage can be seen in poorer districts of cities or towns.

In the wake of the these storms other troubles sprouted. There was an influx of new commerce but nowhere to sell or trade. The average man could not afford the goods to supply his family. Months after these storms bandit gangs swelled with new recruits. The armies were forced to create parameters to safeguard the remaining citizens. Riots insued when tempers flared over the lack of food. Much of the land had to be cultivated once more as multitudes of crops were destroyed. The next 5 years were terrible for many. Only through magic and time has there been any reprieve.

The borders that separate the lands have weakened significantly making members of the Sovereign Council to become suspicious of one another. Conflict seems inevitable as the quarrels brew in the half dozen neighboring kingdoms. To that end there have been new taxes levied, new policies instated to reassure the nobles of the Council's proclamation of "common goal".

The people of Cohtaya, for better or worse, have recovered in part. The towns are repaired to a working degree, the temples no longer over flow with sick, injured, or homeless. Their ranks have even increased over the last few years. Life is returning to a semblance of normalcy.

Even though the people and land have begun to heal the Age of Great Peace is dying. The Sovereign Council is eroding. Should it crumble entirely the the kingdoms will become isolated. Borders will become difficult to cross as tensions rise. The lands are still overrun with bandits keeping the armies busy. For now there is a tenuous peace between the many lords and ladies. However long it lasts remains to be seen.


Way of Life
Cohtaya is the hub of commerce in the Southeast sea. The Outlands are islands that hover off the western shores. The people here are a mixture of every race imaginable. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half Breeds, Fey, and some that haven't even been heard of.

Cities dot the landscape in a vast spanning network of roads which flood over with activity all days of the year. Outside the protective walls of every city you will likely find miles of open farmland or ranch land that is being dutifully tended to by it's people.

Beyond the civilized world the wilds are vast and wide spread to every corner of the continent. A great deal of it is yet to be explored. The history of this place is still very mysterious. Over the last 1,000 years there has been little truly understood about the history of Cohtaya itself.

Within the city walls life is hard for those who don't have the means or wealth to survive. Often times there are thieves abundant in the larger cities as work will be difficult to obtain. Through the middle echelons of society there will be a quiet buzz to life. People going about their daily business without much notice to the beggars who show up occasionally on the side streets or alleys. Reaching all the way to top there is nothing but luxury. Respect is demanded even it's not well deserved. The wealthy scheme on one another hoping to attain greater heights than their station will allow.

Outside the large capital cities towns and villages are common place. Mostly farming or labor communities. They tithe to the lords and ladies who are vassals of the lands they work to remain protected by the armies. In these places people lead simple, mostly uneventful lives.

The Outlands are different however. A dozen islands all clustered together in the west. They have a no ties to the mainland but are still considered a part of it. In the Outlands sailing, fishing, and piracy are all common place. The people who grow up in the Outlands are regarded as thugs or thieves by mainlanders. In a lot of cases this can be true. It is a harsh existence for many here. Outlanders are tough people with a strong predilection for exploration and adventure.

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