Mystech Age

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New Avalon
New Avalon is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Mystech Age. It is home to nearly a 92,000,000 people. Tall buildings of glossy windows, steel, and skywalks create a city-scape the ancients could only dream of. Buildings are immense in size. Like small cities all their own. Residential flats are huddled together in these buildings along side a host of businesses, and recreation centers.

The people are a teeming mass diversified with every race imaginable. There are goblins, dwarves, fey, werewolves, mutants, humans, and others yet to be discovered. The city is never asleep being constantly in motion in the skies to the darkest parts of the warrens. At the cities heights transports hover overhead with great abundance. Skywalks are over saturated with city folk while bullet trains speed by via suspended railings underneath.

The warrens sit all the way at the bottom of the city. Shrouded by the buildings that have grown over the centuries. The sun barely reaches down here. However, despite the darkness there is a rich life abundant here as well. There are markets that crowd the wide streets with hundreds even thousands of vendors selling wares. A vast network of old style lighting keeps everything illuminated in a yellow orange glow. The roads are crowded with all manner of folk. Smells of industrialization and cooking food are prominent here. There is danger here but also unseen wonders.

New Avalon is the hub of both technology and magic. Both have managed to reach a simultaneous peak. At this time there is a near harmony to everything. Magic working inside the realm of science has given way to the most impressive weapons, goods, commodities, and discoveries ever known. Cybernetics, medical tech, and longer life spans. For those who have the means there is a longevity of luxury and life that is nearly never ending.


The Guilds
There are three guilds governed by loyal vassals given the title of Minister. The Commonwealth Guild is anywhere there is a significant number of residents and agricultural standing. The Merchnats Quarter holds the power of areas of commerce within New Avalon. Finally there Judicators Guild. The Governers themselves are a final authority for the security of their guilds as well as it's relative civilian policies.

The Commonwealth is a necessary and powerful guild as they provide the food, water purification, and utilities that for everyone in the city. Throughout various parts of the city you can see the rooftop crops growing or ranging grounds used to grow the natural foods used city wide. They have claim over several headquarters which act as some of the most wonderful gardens and green houses.

The Merchants guild is one of the eldest guilds who's sole purpose is to acquire money and profit. It is the task of the Merchants guild to support the needs of the city through the money acquired in fees. Businesses owe a tithing of their profits to the guild which is then tithed to the city. Without the Merchants guild the city would collapse under the crashing economy. There are no official headquarters for the Guild of Coin as the king funnels the funds into everything the city needs.

The Judicators Guild maintains peace, order, and security for the citizens of New Avalon. Enforcers protect people directly while analyzing the crimes that go on to better catch the criminals who appear. Arbiters are responsible for the prosecution of the criminals that are caught. Sentinals work as contractors for the Judicators Guild as powerful independent soldiers going after the more dangerous enemies of the people. The final aspect of this guild is the New Avalon Army which produces the necessary forces to protect the city for outside attack.


At the epicenter city governance is the king. The people know him as Kyrin Arturias. There are number of rumors that surround his name. As well as his bloodline. However, these have begun because no one has seen him outside the palace save his own personal attendants or guards. Despite this policy, law, and his ability to rule has not diminished.

Just beneath the king are a number of Overseers who govern different districts. Overseers manage the Ministers of each of the guilds being their direct superiors. While in council they are able to discuss the latest news of the city via the Guild Ministers. In total there are 3 Overseers, 3 Ministers, and 3 civilians of high regard to take the peoples perspective directly to the council as Civil Ambassadors. This creates complete council known as The Conclave.

The power then trickles down into the various and vast numbers of the population. His Majesty Kyrin Arturias presides over The Conclave to act as final arbitrator for the policies passed down there in. Even in the Grande Halls, however, he has yet to make an appearance. Instead he makes decrees from his palace while listening to the council via a comm link inside the Grande Halls.

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