House Rules


1.First Law: Those who aren't aware cannot act. Awareness dictates reaction time. If the target of an attack is aware of the attack they have the ability to defend or react to that attack. If unaware no roll can be made to avoid being damaged.

2.Second Law: 20ft is the make or break distance. If the attacker is at range using a ranged weapon or spell they will act before their targets, aware or not. Aware targets will have the chance to avoid being hit via a dodge roll.

3.Third Law: First strike is awarded to the better combat roll. When in close range Melee combat where both parties are aware the better strike roll hits first. This is known as Clashing.

4.Forth Law: Defense is free. Instead of Clashing you may choose to take the defensive in a combat scenario. You can use any parry or dodge roll that better fits the circumstance.

5.Fifth Law: Defenders win ties. When in a situation where the die rolls match, when there are clear defenders, the defender wins the tie. Always. In a Clash it is considered a Lock Up. (Touch Attacks for poison, spells, or affects during a Lock Up can still take place. Physical contact is all a Touch Attack requires. Keep that in mind.)

6.Sixth Law: First Defense, second Armor, last Damage. If you fail Defense then your armor will absorb the hit unless the attack roll supersedes the Armor Class. If the attack roll is higher than both then damage is taken.

7.Seventh Law: Common sense over numbers. When taking damage common sense applies! Blows to the head, neck, or damage that pierces major organs is most often times lethal. No damage need be rolled! The GM will decide whether a wound is immediately lethal or whether a save is warranted.

8.Eighth Law: You are action the GM is consequence. When in combat you need only describe what you wish to accomplish and the GM will determine it's plausibility, any rolls that are needed, and the outcome.

9.Ninth Law: Anything is possible within reason. The laws of normal physics still apply even in a fantasy world. Unless there is a power, ability, or special allowance that changes those parameters don't expect to leap a 50ft wall on a horse without a good healer present.

Roleplay vs. Dice
In any situation you can expect that exceptional roleplay will trump the dice. This rule is somewhat hypocritical though as the dice some times must play their part no matter what. In which case playing something well will result in bonuses gifted by the GM to help you succeed. So whenever possible rely on good roleplay. Be warned though, attempting to kiss too much ass will result in indifference.

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