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About This Site

Dice Warriors is a way to stay connected with other people who have a love of gaming. Through this site you can watch for games to play, find groups to play with or GM's, use the forums to discuss whatever comes to mind, and much more. The whole premise I had when this site came into being was to find a cohesive hub with which to bring people together.

I have chosen OpenRPG as the online client for a couple reasons. First it's the only one I have ever heard of that has all the necessary features for both running and playing a text based roleplaying game. Second it's completely free and doesn't need a super powered system to run. For anyone not familiar with running this program be aware that it's a little complex at first. However, there is more than enough documentation that will help explain how everything works. Try and find a version that works for you via the OpenRPG site, install it, and experiment with it. If you don't like it then there really isn't any harm. This site can still operate as a way to keep your real life games scheduled or used as reference for information you may not find elsewhere.

The forums are a great way to maintain games that are currently being running, help members settle questions, and act as a fertile place for creative ideas. Any campaigns being played under will be easy to find with descriptions regarding the game system being used, overall themes, and basic character creation requirements.

As the site is updated I will be adding more features as the need arises. As a community site all are welcome here. As for manners, common sense applies. Be courteous to others, be open to other opinions, and help each other out. As members you will be able to add or modify pages on your own but be respectful of content that isn't yours. Keep these things in mind and you'll have no problems. Most importantly though, have fun!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License